Wheel Skates Roller Shoes
Wheel Skates Roller Shoes
Wheel Skates Roller Shoes

Wheel Skates Roller Shoes

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*Dynamic shoe curve and vent design
*Intimately designed upper foot pad structure to effectively protect the heel and make it more comfortable to wear
*Put up the wheel to walk,open the wheel switch and release the wheel to skate

  • 2-in-1 double-wheel sports shoes,lightweight skates,can be used as sports shoes,or can be used as roller skates,deformable folding design.comfortable to wear.
  • High-quality microfiber upper,resistant to tearing;venting hole design,comfortable and breathable;rubber outsole,wear-resistant and strong
  • This skate is cool and stylish,suitable for outdoor sports,with fitness,mobility,and increased functionality
  • There is a button on the back of the shoe,press it and the wheel will open.Press and hold the button, push the wheel into the bottom plate and release it
  • Our skate shoes feature for skating/party/disco/dance/birthday/Christmas,It is very comfortable and very comfortable and is a good gift for your child or your best friend

*When opening and stowing the wheel,please make sure that the direction of the arrow is upright,and then tap the switch with a certain force(instantaneous impact force)
*The direction of the arrow is not the vertical lock.It is the state of the safety lock.The locked state cannot switch the wheel