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Smartphone Gimbal
Smartphone Gimbal
Smartphone Gimbal
Smartphone Gimbal
Smartphone Gimbal
Smartphone Gimbal
Smartphone Gimbal
Smartphone Gimbal
Smartphone Gimbal

Smartphone Gimbal

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This is coming as the super portable 3-axis gimbal with its unique folding structure. More than a half size can be saved to make your travel more easy and enjoyable!

For all other conventional structure gimbals, changing between horizontal and vertical shooting is a troublesome and time-consuming process.

Even if you don't have App, you can use most of the buttons on the handle. As long as your phone’s Bluetooth is connected to it, the buttons on the handle can control your phone to shoot or stop.
Front control panel 

 Back side  control

1 . Smooth movement in normal mode
2. Hold the trigger button to instantly lock the orientation to ensure the footage is stable
3. Click and hold the trigger button to set the gimbal into the fast track mode for tracking fast moving objects

It uses a heading motor that can be rotated without infinity. There’s no dead angles when shooting dynamic time-lapse video. When performing face tracking or object tracking, there is no need to worry about the target exceeding the rotation range of the gimbal.

With the dedicated app, people can get more gimbal controls and shooting methods.

Battery runs up to 24 hours. You can easily handle demands of continuous filming during a long journey or a long filming hours even when you are away from a power source.

  • Gimbal
  • Working voltage: 7.4V; Working current: 90mA; Working temperature: 10°~45
  • Dimensions(W"D"H): Unfolded: 123*73297 mm; Folded: 50*106*178 mm
  • Body weight: 440g(15.50z)
  • Max payload: 310g(110z)
  • Tilt axis mechanical rotation range: 330
  • Roll axis mechanical rotation range: 330
  • Pan axis mechanical rotation range: 360(unlimited rotation)
  • Static attitude tracking error: ±0.05
  • Motion attitude tracking error: ±0.2
  • Microphone type: 3. 5mm TRRS; Mobile phone width range: 55-90mm; Mobile phone thickness range: ≤9mm
  • Battery
  • Type: Li-ion; Model: SP26350; Capacity: 14.8Wh; Charging Time: 3 Hours; Run Time: 24 Hours